Polyethylene Water Storage Tanks

OCEAN Water tank

A Water storage that makes the ordinary water tank look obsolete in comparison to its advanced features Ocean not just a water storage tank but a complete water storage system

Ocean is Double Layered Through & Through Surprised - when you buy Ocean you are virtually buying two tanks for the price of one or double the strength of an ordinary tank.

a) The outer black layer is ultra black i.e. deep black with a rich sheen. A result of the finest grade of imported, international grade raw material. This ensures complete protection against ultraviolet rays & Long Lasting durability. It doesn't become brittle after long exposures to sun. Therefore doesn't crack or leak as ordinary tanks would.

b) The inner white layer : To ensure & facilitate water purity checks. Any impurities can easily be seen against its pure white back ground. It also helps to keep water cool for a longer period of time.

The Ocean Accessories

Ocean tanks come with ready optional accessories such as a fabricated
stage structure to instantly mount it.
a) Fabricated surrounding support structures for added protection
b) Fabricated ladder for easy accessibility

The Ocean Reliability

Ocean water storage system comes to you from the renowned Agrawal Group of Central India with decades of Industrial, agricultural & business background. Years of professional experties & commitment to quality are evident in every aspect of Ocean Water Storage System.The reliability & superior quality of ‘Ocean’ Surpasses the ordinary to give you true value for money.

1. Extra Strength & Extra Durable Superior raw material, superior Roto Moulding Technology & double layers ensure longer life.
2. Light Weight ensures easier handling
3. Quality Tested in our well equipped laboratory.
4. Super Hygienic Proven by various lab tests to keep water safe & hygienic
5. A wide range of capacities to match all needs.
6. Maintenance Free, Rust Free, No Leakage, No Painting & No Water Proofing required.
7. Totally Versatile can be used for any application overhead, underground, indoor
& in remote areas.
8. All weatherproof Sun, Rain & other natural elements do not affect the strong
Ocean Tanks.

Ocean tanks, Ocean water storage systems come in attractive, vibrant
colors : Blue, Grey & Green besides Black.

Tank Size Diameter Height Manholes
In Ltrs mm/inch mm/inch Dia. mm
100 435/17″ 690/27″ 280
200 720/28″ 585/23″ 280
300 740/29″ 825/32″ 280
500 850/33″ 1045/41″ 400
700 985/39″ 1120/44″ 400
1000 1100/43″ 1230/48″ 400
1500 1265/50″ 1440/57″ 400
2000 1350/53″ 1560/61″ 400
2500 1500/59″ 1700/67″ 400
3000 1525/60″ 2000/79″ 400
4000 1850/73″ 1776/70″ 400
5000 1825/73″ 2030/80″ 480
7500 2000/79″ 2650/104″ 480
10000 2500/98″ 2650/104″ 480

Loft Tank

Loft tanks are different from general overhead or underground tanks. As the name suggests, they are manufactured to be installed in lofts inside the home. They are mainly designed to suit urban constructions that can fit into the kitchen loft or other lofts area in your home. It can be used for many different purposes

Modern day building has replaced the traditional water tanks with plastic ones. Not only the cement reservoir has lost its place because of being expensive, but also the effort of maintenance has added as a big drawback for users. The same has been replaced by loft tanks. These are made up of plastic and allows people to store water without consuming too much of space.

Oceanplus is the superior quality water tanks under the brand which are made using virgin raw material in various capacities starting from  100 liters. Loft tanks are thermally insulated using foam layer to reduce the effect of sunlight thus it keeps water cool in summer and prevent it from becoming too cool in winter season.

  • 100% virgin raw material.
  • FDA grade material.
  • Multipurpose usage.
  • Promises superior quality and long lasting performance.
  • Strong & Durable.
  • Thermally insulate keeps the inside water cool in summer and reasonably warm in winter time.
  • UV Stabilized.
  • Most Suitable For Drinking Water due to use of food grade plastic.
  • Full Capacity Guaranteed.
  • Oceanplus loft tanks are high-quality loft tanks for the kitchen, domestic and general uses.
  • Rust and corrosion free.
  • Lightweight & Easy Installation.
  • Keeps the water fresh threaded lid design with airtight features keeps water fresh for a much longer time.
  • Stylish design the modern design makes it excellent to be used in today’s world and it’s completely leaking free.

Loft water tanks are widely used for the domestic and commercial purpose and commonly used for Indoor water storage application.

Tank Size Dianmension (cm.)
In Ltrs L B H
150 68 66 40
225 98 66 40
270 105 66 46
325 120 75 41
375 140 90 35
425 130 90 41
525 145 99 41
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