Company History

27 YEARS OF EXCELLENCE & Continue to strive the matchless efforts.
We are proud to be the oldest manufacturer of Central India.

1989-90: The company M/s Annapurna Containers was founded by renowned Agrawal primarily was into steel fabrication structures and various other related projects. The company diversified into manufacturing of Hygienic Water Storage Tanks.

1995: Set up in house lab testing facility, to ensure that it follows the BIS Standards and got the approval to mark ISI tanks.

2000: When Chhattisgarh was announced as new state, we became the only manufacturer of water storage Tank Company in state with ISI mark.

2004-05: We have been innovating various new products like plastic road dividers, loft tanks, and we have been doing various research on developing new products to fulfilling the needs of our clients.

2007-09: Company had expanded its manufacturing hub, became the leader and had been given approval in various Central Government Projects, Public Limited Concerns, Semi-Government Concern, and various state government project.

2013-14: We have further increased our new technology manufacturing facility to have efficient product and to serve better than the best, and also been researching on Vertical Garden, Terrace Gardening Concept, and new technologies & new designs to work on Cool tank Technology.

2016-17: Installed our Pipe division in which it has HDPE Sprinkler pipes and HDPE Coil pipes, which has its own in house lab facility and is been given approval by BIS Indian Standards.

The journey of EXECELLENCE Continues…

Innovation, Research & In House Testing Facility

We highly believe in innovation, we really work hard on researching new products and ensuring the best quality by our advance in house lab facility to give our clients.

To continue  innovating  and to be updated with the latest technology  to  continue making better than the best and to serve better than the best being delivered.



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